The School Board took action on Thursday, March 9, to extend the school year if there were any more school delays/closings.   Since we had a two hour delay on Monday, March 13, a day will be added to the end of the 2016-17 school calendar.   Therefore, the last day of school for all students will now be Wednesday, June 7.

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RVSD Endowment Fund

 Dear River Valley School District Alumni and Supporters:

The River Valley School District Endowment Fund (RVSDEF) was established in 2012 to provide funding for creative and innovative programs, outside the regular school budget, that benefit the students.  The Endowment looks to build on the work of the District and provide additional educational experiences for the students.

Over the last two years, the RVSDEF Committee was able to award grants to River Valley educators totaling $5,500.  These dollars were used for a Robotic STEM Project, Blackhawk Outdoor Sculpture, STEM Enrichment, Outdoor Education and Gardening, Smart Music in the Classroom and Apple TV Technology Integration.  These projects will all add to the educational experience of students in River Valley.

Currently, the Committee has secured a private donor willing to match up to $50,000 in donations to the RVSDEF through May 1, 2017!  The funding for the Endowment is dependent on donations from people like us, as River Valley alumni.  It’s very possible that many of you are no longer in the district.  But, looking back on all that you’ve been able to accomplish personally and professionally, it all started from the foundation that was built at River Valley.  So, the RVSDEF Committee is asking you to consider a tax-deductible donation of any size.  Help make a difference for current and future River Valley Blackhawks!  Thank you for contributing to the RVSDEF today.  

Click here to watch a video about RVSDEF!all about the childrenut the children

RVSDE is dedicated to supporting innovative K-12 educational opportunities in River Valley—now and forever. 


In 2012, a group of area citizens established the River Valley School District Endowment Fund (RVSDEF) to provide funding for creative and innovative programs, projects and experiences to benefit River Valley students. Eligible initiatives for grant funding may include, but are not limited to: multi-disciplinary instruction, technology and arts integration, community involvement, global and cultural awareness, environmental studies, local historical studies, and student research projects, as well as professional growth and development for staff on innovative educational techniques.

Your generosity and vision will keep our charitable focus local, build community spirit, and advance educational opportunities for River Valley students. Your personal fulfillment is guaranteed—an added benefit of supporting the RVSDEF.

RVSDEF goals are perfectly aligned with those of our dedicated Board of Education, administration, teachers, classroom assistants, and support staff. Our collective focus is to bring creative and innovative experiences to our classrooms—to make learning challenging, engaging, rigorous and relevant.

Thank you to all of the following individuals and businesses that have made donations to the River Valley Endowment Fund!  
It's all about the children!

Individual Donations

  • Anonymous
  • Jeff and Jean Alt
  • Jerry and Mary Lou Baryenbruch
  • Barb Baxter (In Memory of Gary and Brandon Baxter)
  • Dick and Kim Cates (In Memory of Peter Cates)
  • Jennifer Coppernoll
  • Eric and Jan Drachenberg
  • Wendy and John Dunagan
  • Robert and Janelle Elmer
  • Anne Forseth (In Memory of John Forseth)
  • Elaine Frank
  • Derry Graves
  • Jaime Greenheck
  • Brian and Gwen Gorman
  • Tom and Tina Gorman
  • Baxter and Suanne Gutknecht
  • Tim and Joannie Harrington
  • Gary and Gayle Harrop
  • Louann Hausner
  • Alan Ikeler and Joan Kilian Ikeler
  • Sharon Jeardeau
  • Erik Johnson
  • John and Mary Kaul
  • Donald N. Koepp
  • Jennifer N. Kraemer
  • Nick & Alex Kraemer
  • Brian Krey
  • Geoffrey Krey
  • Edward Liegel and Mary Jayne Diehl Liegel
  • Dustin and Holly Lochner
  • Thomas and Jody Peck
  • Herb and Joyce Portz
  • Barbara Pratt (In Memory of Mr. Eldon Pratt)
  • Eric and Irene Rapp
  • Robin A. Reid
  • Rose Ellen Schneider
  • Andrea Sullivan
  • Jack and Kay Taylor
  • Mary Pat Tubb
  • Jan von Stein
  • Tom and Ellen Wermuth
  • Robyn White
  • Steve and Karen Wilkinson
  • Paul Williams
  • Sara Young and John Christiansen
  • Tom and Patty Yentz
  • Rosie Zimmer
  • Paul Zillgitt and Patrice Peltier

Business Donations

  • John Deere Foundation Matching Gifts Program
  • The Kraemer Company
  • The Peoples Community Bank
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