School Fair General Information
2016 Area Alumni in Parade!
Area Alumni that will be in the 2016 River Valley Homecoming Parade include: Arena Don Williamson, Class of 1953 Lone Rock Alice (Laufenberg) Bomkamp, Class of 1953 River Valley Jerry Thering, Class of 1971 Spring Green Don Limmex, Class of 1950 St. Luke?s/Plain Henry Ferstl, Class of 1962 Judi (Ringlestetter) Ferstl, Class of 1964
2016 Timeline Dates for School Fair
2016 Map
The 2016 River Valley Homecoming School Fair Map is here! A description page will be available soon, but please note the following items: 1) Information booth. An information booth will be set up outside the middle school main entrance. 2) All craft exhibits (art, baking, photography, etc) will be located in the middle school gymnasium. 9) Implement exhibit for all ages! 10) Vendor Booths including the Spudmobile! 11) IPO Dog demonstrations - new this year!
2016 School Fair Information
2016 School Fundraiser Exhibit Form
This is for school groups only (no outside organizations allowed).
2016 Grand Marshal - Athleen Haas
For thousands of River Valley School Alumni, Athleen Haas has a very familiar face. For thirty years, Athleen was likely the first person they'd see as they entered school each morning, seated at her desk in the front office at River Valley Middle School. Athlene loved her job, surrounded by students and teachers. To her, there was no better place to work than at River Valley Schools. Athleen was born in 1924 and grew up in Baraboo where she became an avid tap and swing dancer and spent a lot of time at Devil's Lake. In 1942, while working her first job out of high school at the Badger Ammunition Plant, she met her husband-to-be on a blind date -- an army lieutenant from Spring Green named Herman Haas. Three weeks later they were married in New Orleans where Herman was stationed. After the war they moved to Los Angeles where four of their five children were born. In 1957, the family moved to Spring Green where Herman died in 1959. As a young widow with five children, Athleen began her school career by volunteering at St. John's Catholic School. In 1967. She took a full-time job as school secretary at River Valley High School before moving to the new Middle School when it opened in 1969. For Athleen, Spring Green became an ideal place to live and the schools a wonderful place to work. She has many warm memories of the many students and teachers she came to know through the years. And many of them remember her as well. Still today, 20 years after retirement, Athleen often hears that familiar greeting: "Hi, Mrs Haas! Remember me?"
2016 Dress up Days!
2016 Homecoming Dress Up Days! Monday, October 3 - Friday, October 7
Video of 2015 School Fair and Homecoming
Homecoming Parade Grand Marshal List
Recent Grand Marshal Representatives: 2016 Athleen Haas 2015 Kay Taylor 2014 Jerry Zavada 2013 Willie and Betty Crook 2012 Dolly Doyle 2011 Marcus Weston 2010 Hank Dedrick 2009 Duane Radel 2008 Marlene Carmody 2007 Rod Anding 2006 Julie Bruhn 2005 Nancy Kollatz 2004 Ron & Elaine Drachenberg 2003 Kaaren Larson 2002 Brady Shelton 2001 Dave Deibert 2000 Terry Maxwell
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