River Valley School District - Food Services http://cms1.cms4schools.com/news_rss.cfm?detailid=469923&memberid=774 River Valley School District - Food Services en-us Board Policy 760 - Food Service Management http://www.rvschools.org/cms_files/resources/760.pdf Board Policy 761 - Free and Reduced Price Food Services http://www.rvschools.org/cms_files/resources/761.pdf Board Policy 762.1 - Food Service Collection and Denial of Access Due to Non-Payment http://www.rvschools.org/cms_files/resources/762%201%20policy.pdf 762.1-Rule Food Service Collection/ Denial of Access to Food Service Programs Due to Non-Payment http://www.rvschools.org/cms_files/resources/762%201%20rule%20policy.pdf