Thursday, July 14, 2005
Regular Meeting
Middle School Library
7:30 p.m.

Board: Nelson, Pitts, Pronold, Taylor, Roske, Peach, Anderson, Caraway, Limmex (arrived 8:05 p.m.) Absent: N/A
Admin: Benson, Hayek, Briehl, Hoffman, Palm-Leis
Others:  Tammy Shaffer, Mary Kay Hunter, Joannie Harrington, Debbie Stafford, Kerri Williams, Ronda Schreiber, Shawn Hess, Cyndie Mark, Heather Olson, Dawn Goers, Eunice Price, Pam Brander, Maureen Kepler, Sheila Weiss, Eileen Brownlee (General Counsel), Ellen LaLuzerne (CAUS South), David Giffey (Home News), Julie Kuhse (Secretary)

Anderson opened the meeting.  He noted that the meeting had been properly noticed and notice had been provided to the appropriate media and each School Board Member.  Roske moved to proceed with the legal meeting.  Peach seconded.  Motion carried.

Board Training Opportunities
Nelson informed the Board that information is forthcoming regarding WASB points earned, award pins, and information on the fall banquet.

Legislative Update
Taylor gave an update on legislative matters.  The final state senate budget will now be forwarded to Governor Doyle—this budget includes a $100 per child tax credit for parents sending children to private schools and a per pupil revenue cap that is proposed to bring far less revenue to our district.

Overview of K-12 AODA Program and Youth Assets Survey
Benson gave an overview of a student survey to be given in September 2005 to students in grades 7-12, which asks questions of drug/alcohol use and sexual activity.  Parents will receive notification prior to the survey and can opt out students from taking the survey.

Brenda Jennings, AODA Coordinator, briefly outlined district AODA services provided to students, such as “Climb It” program at the middle school, “FISH” program at the high school, “Youth as Resources,” peer mentors, clubs, SADD, SAP, ATODA classes, and periodic articles to the Home News.

Discussion of River Valley Community Survey (Fall 2005)
Benson stated that after gathering input from the Board and community, the district has found a less expensive, online mechanism for implementing a community survey this fall.  The cost to use “Zoomerang” is estimated at $75 and will allow a survey to be linked to our district website. The draft timeline includes developing the survey in August with implementation in September.  Results will be reported to the Board in October.  The last comprehensive survey was done in 1998.  

Update From Ad Hoc School Forest Committee
The School Forest Ad Hoc Committee met to discuss two areas of district school forest property located in Lone Rock and Arena.  The Lone Rock property listings are on hold at this time as the Committee learned through Clark-Dietz Engineering firm that it would cost $250,000 to provide necessary utilities (gas, electricity, water, sewer) to all 16 proposed lots.  The Arena property sale to the DNR has been revised since a title search determined there are only 47 acres in this parcel rather than 64 acres as listed with the original DNR option to purchase.  The DNR has agreed to offer the same price per acre as the original offer, or $131,000 for the 47 acres.  The Committee recommends that the Board take action at the August meeting to modify the sale.  The meeting will be posted for two weeks in the Home News to inform the public of the change in sale.

Consent Agenda: Checks, Invoices, Receipts – June 2005; Open Session Meeting Minutes – June 9, 2005
Roske moved to accept the consent agenda items as submitted.  Pitts seconded.  Motion carried.

Consideration & Action on First Reading of New and Revised Policies
Pitts moved to approve the first reading of Policy #443.6 – Student Use of Two-Way Communication Devices, which includes the use of cellular phones.  Roske seconded. Motion carried.

Benson explained that the changes to Policy #723 – Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens were made to provide a generic overview of how our district will handle bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials and to place the lengthy step-by-step procedural information in our School Safety Plan.  Taylor moved to approve the first reading of Policy #723 – Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens. Caraway seconded.  Motion carried.

Pronold moved to approve the first reading of Policy #722.8 – Managing Life Threatening Food Allergies, which is a new policy pertaining to providing a safe environment to students with life-threatening food allergies.  Taylor seconded.  Motion carried. 

Pitts moved to approve the first reading of Policy #722.67 – Public Access Defibrillation Program to include a new defibrillator at Lone Rock Elementary.  Roske seconded.  Motion carried.

The Committee recommended that a new policy for drug testing of student athletes and co-curricular participants not be pursued at this time after several discussions at Policy Committee meetings.  No Board action was taken.

Consideration & Action on Resolution Accepting Gifts
Roske moved to adopt a Resolution Accepting Gifts of $500 from Cardinal CG to the athletic department to purchase software, a gift for conducting CPR/First Aid training sessions at Cardinal.  Taylor seconded.  Polled vote was 9-0 in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Consideration and Action on Teacher Hirings
Limmex moved to hire Joyce Christen as an occupational therapist to replace Erin Schultz. Taylor seconded.  Motion carried.

Consideration & Action to Adjourn to Closed Session Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) for 2005-07 RVEA and RVEST Collective Bargaining Updates and a RVEST Level IV Grievance Conference
Peach moved to adjourn to closed session at 8:26 p.m. pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) for 2005-07 RVEA and RVEST Collective Bargaining Updates and a RVEST Level IV Grievance Conference.  Roske seconded.  Polled vote was 9-0 in the affirmative.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Julie Kuhse For Deborah Nelson, School District Clerk

03/10/08 pw