Thursday, May 13, 2004
Regular Meeting
Middle School Library
7:30 p.m.

Board:  Anderson, Caraway, Limmex, Pitts, Roske, Nelson, Pronold, Sipes (Student Representative)
Absent:  Peach, Taylor
Admin:  Hoffman, Richardson, Kaukl, Benson, Mahoney, Palm-Leis, Briehl
Others:  Susan Kilmer, Lisa Scofield, Karen Steindorf, Julie Kuhse, Mike Miller, Stacy Wood, Todd Miller, Bob Holding (Home News), Stacy Kleist (WRCO), Paula Wedige (Administrative Assistant)

Anderson opened the meeting.  He noted that there was an amended agenda and that the meeting had been properly noticed and notice had been provided to the appropriate media and each School Board Member.  Pitts moved to proceed with the legal meeting.  Roske seconded.  Motion carried.

Board Training Opportunities
No discussion.


Student Council Report
Megan Sipes reported that the student council had a penny drive for the Schweitenberg family.  She also reported that there are six incoming freshman that will serve on student council next year.  In addition, the student council is presenting a play at the Gard Theater next weekend.

Kaukl shared some good news about student accomplishments.  Mitch Gilbertson took first place at state in welding and qualified for nationals and Kyle Thering placed second at state.  Neara Russell won an award from the Wisconsin School Music Association for writing an original musical composition.  Congratulations to all!

Consent Agenda
Limmex moved to approve checks, invoices, and receipts from April 2004.  Pitts seconded.  Motion carried.    


Consideration & Action on Board Committee Assignments
Anderson noted that Taylor had expressed interest in the convention delegate position.  Limmex moved to approve committee assignments for 2004-05 as presented by Anderson, with the only change being Taylor appointed as convention delegate.  Caraway seconded.  Motion carried.

Consideration & Action on 2004-05 CESA #3 Services Contract
Roske moved to approve the 2004-05 CESA #3 Services Contract at a cost of $35,646.  Caraway seconded.  Motion carried. 

Consideration & Action on Resolution Accepting Gifts
Pitts moved to adopt the Resolution Accepting Gifts from Terry Askevold of 10% of summer sales at Traders Canoe/Fireworks Sales and Rentals to be used to support River Valley athletics and help families that have difficulty paying for the new higher user fees for athletics.  Roske seconded.  The gift is estimated at $5,000.  Administration recommends that the district use the criteria used for free/reduced meals to determine which students can use these funds.  Roske seconded.  Roll call vote:

For the motion:  Caraway, Limmex, Nelson, Pitts, Pronold, Roske
Against the motion:  N/A
Abstain:  Anderson
Absent:  Taylor, Peach

Polled vote was 6-0 in the affirmative with1 abstention and 2 absent.  Motion carried.

Consideration & Action on Second Reading of New and Revised Policies
Roske moved to approve the second reading of Policy #453 – Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect which includes a slight change from the first reading to state that non-mandatory reports, such as support staff, are not prohibited from making reports.  Caraway seconded.  Motion carried.

Pitts moved to approve the second reading of Policy #743 – Acceptable Use of Networked Computers and Policy #743-Rule – Student Agreement/Consent Form – Acceptable Use of Networked Computers.  Roske seconded.  Motion carried.

Consideration & Action on First Reading of New and Revised Policies
Pitts moved to approve the first reading of Policy #722.5 - Suicide/Sudden Death Response Plan.  Caraway seconded.  Motion carried.

Caraway moved to approve the removal of revised language from Policy #722.5 - Suicide/Sudden Death Response Plan for “Assessment/Intervention for Suicidal Ideation” and “Suicide/Sudden Death Response Plan” and to include the language in the School Safety Plan.  Roske seconded.  Motion carried.

The Committee will continue to discuss the appeals process of the athletic handbook and class size policies at a future meeting.

Consideration & Action on Budget Committee Recommendations
Limmex moved to accept EMC’s bid for non-employee based insurance coverage.  Roske seconded.  Motion carried.

Roske moved to sell three vehicles and four larger pieces of equipment through sealed bids, which states we can  reject any/all offers, and to hold a garage sale for other miscellaneous equipment.  Pronold seconded.  Motion carried.

Mahoney noted that the annual meeting is on Monday, May 17.  Miller encouraged the Board to reconsider action on administrator salaries for 2004-05 and to grant a 2% salary increase instead of a freeze.  Mahoney noted that total cuts/revenue increases for 2004-05 are approximately $510,000.  The remaining $111,000 deficit will be covered by fund balance.

Consideration & Action to Adjourn to Closed Session Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) for Discussion of Administrator Evaluations and Contracts and RVEA Collective Bargaining
Limmex moved to adjourn to closed session at 8:24 p.m. pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c) for Discussion of Administrator Evaluations and Contracts and RVEA Collective Bargaining.  Caraway seconded.  Polled vote was 7-0 in the affirmative with 2 absent.  Motion carried.

Submitted by Paula Wedige For Deborah Nelson, School District Clerk

03/10/08 pw