Stop 10: Black Hawk Outpost
(Cty Hwy UU, 1.5 mi W of Red Mound)

Continue west on Hwy 82. Turn right on County Hwy UU. Travel 1.5 miles. Vernon County Marker.

Morning August 2, 1832
Atkinson's Soldier Ninevah Shaw writes:

Marched very early and when we got about 3 miles the spies saw 15 or 20 Indians. Fired on them and killed several, onlly one white man wounded. We then put spurs to our horses and pursued with all possible speed.15

Near present-day Red Mound, Wisconsin, Atkinson finally reached the rear of Black Hawk's Band. These Sauk tried to surrender with a white flag, but again were shot. Fourteen were killed and the rest fled to the Mississippi.

The front of Black Hawk's band had reached the Mississippi but were unable to cross it because the armed steamboat 'The Warrior' blocked their escape.

Above: These stone markers were created by Dr. C. V. Porter, a Vernon County historian, in the early 1900s, to commemorate the Black Hawk War.

Note: The language used by Dr. Porter would not be considered politically correct by today's standards. In all fairness, much of his terminology was considered correct and proper in his time.