Stop 13: Surrender of Black Hawk
(Fort Crawford Medical Museum, Beaumont and Rice Sts., Prairie du Chien)

Leave Black Hawk Recreational Area and turn south on Hwy 35. Continue south into Prairie du Chien. Turn right on Hwy 18. Proceed to Tourist Info Center by the Mississippi River Bridge for more Black Hawk information. Visit Fort Crawford on Beaumont and Rice Streets to see where Black Hawk surrendered.

August 27, 1832
Black Hawk writes:

On our way down [to Fort Crawford to surrender], I surveyed the country that had cost us so much trouble, anxiety, and blood, and that now caused me to be a prisoner of war. I reflected upon the ingratitude of the whites, when I saw their fine houses, rich harvests, and everything desirable around them; and recollected that all this land had been ours, for which me and my people had never received a dollar, and that the whites were not satisfied until they took our village and our graveyards from us, and removed us across the Mississippi.22

Black Hawk did escape the Bad Axe Massacre with a few braves, but found that his cause was lost and turned himself into Colonel Zachary Taylor (who will later become President of the United States) at Fort Crawford, at present-day Prairie du Chien on August 27, 1832. Black Hawk would die in 1838 at the age of 71.