Stop 9: Black Hawk and Ho-Chunk Trails
(Hwy. 82, 4.5 mi W of West Prairie)

Continue west on Hwy 82 for approximately 2.5 miles. Vernon County Marker

Late Evening August 1, 1832
Atkinson's scouts report:

[One mile north of present-day Retreat, Wisconsin] there was an Indian found there. Yes, an old man that could not rise; could talk English...He was friendly; told where was water. The query was what was best to do; leave him to starve or kill him. We decided it better to kill him. Shot him.14

Atkinson resumed his march at two o'clock in the morning on August 2, since the signs of living or recently dead Sauk signaled to he and his troops that they were finally reaching Black Hawk's band.



Left: These stone markers were created by Dr. C. V. Porter, a Vernon County historian, in the early 1900s, to commemorate the Black Hawk War.

Note: The language used by Dr. Porter would not be considered politically correct by today's standards. In all fairness, much of his terminology was considered correct and proper in his time.