Alternate Stop: Soldier’s Grove
(Soldier’s Grove Park, at Mills and Main Sts., Soldier’s Grove)

Return to Hwy 14 from Hwy 171. Continue west on Hwy 14 until you find a small gravel road called Parsonage Road. (Parsonage is about a mile past the Vernon County Line into Vernon County). Turn left onto Parsonage Road. Parsonage turns into Trout Creek Road. Continue west on Trout Creek until you reach Hwy 61. Turn left on Hwy 61 traveling south into Soldier’s Grove. Turn right on Main Street. Marker is in Soldier’s Grove Park. Historical Marker #406. Return to Hwy 61, turning left onto 61 heading north. Continue on 61 to Hwy 14. Turn left heading west on 14.

Morning August 1, 1832
Soldier Philip St. George Cooke writes:

[After resting the night of July 31], we emerged...from these gloomy forests into the gladsome light of the sun, in an open pine grove, on the bank of a fine little river, which we scarcely knew then to be the Kickapoo. No great change of circumstances ever had a pleasanter effect upon the spirits of an army; vast high prairies were before us; the sun shone brightly, and gleamed from the crystal waves of the pretty river; the refreshing prairie breeze whistled merrily through the leaves of the pines; there were indications in the enemy's deserted camps that we were close upon him...12

Atkinson's troops camped near the Kickapoo River at a placed known as 'The Pines' or Pine Grove. Because of this encampment, Pine Grove was renamed, and is still known as, Soldier's Grove.