Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Jenna Lenz
Transition Attorney: Grace Schwichtenberg
Closing Attorney: Autumn Stoflet

Janus Witness: Emily Roske
Janus Witness: Loralee Bilke
Janus Witness: Tracey Brent

Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Chelsea Brander
Alternate Witness/Timekeeping: Caitlin Ewers

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger
Teacher Coach: Mick Showen

Honors and Accolades: Undefeated at the final Wisconsin Rapids Regional before reorganization, earning the Championship... Three-year record pushed to 11-1... Ended the year with three talons (Lenz, Roske)... Earned the most points at State in River Valley Mock Trial history to date... Finished the year ranked 15th best in the state of Wisconsin...