Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Chelsea Brander
Transition Attorney: Ariana Ringelstetter
Closing Attorney: Angela Tabrizi

Janus Witness: Loralee Bilke
Petitioner Witness: Danielle Neuheisel
Petitioner Witness: Christina Schmidt
Respondent Witness: Kyle Hemmersbach
Respondent Witness: Devin Hoeper

Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Hannah Preston

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Undefeated at Inaugural Platteville Regional, earning the Championship... Four-year record pushed to 15-1... Left Regional with five Outstanding Attorney Distinctions and one Outstanding Witness Distinction... Ended the year with five talons (Brander, Tabrizi)... Ranked 10th in Wisconsin at the end of the year...