Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Chelsea Brander
Transition Attorney: Ariana Ringelstetter
Closing Attorney: Angela Tabrizi

Janus Witness: Loralee Bilke
Plantiff Witness: Kyle Hemmersbach
Plantiff Witness: Amanda Miller
Defense Witness: Christina Schmidt
Defense Witness: Leah Spicer

Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Devin Hoeper
Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Colby Breyfogle
Alternate Witness: Shannon Breyfogle

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Placed second at La Crosse Regional...
Five-year record pushed to 18-2... Left Regional with one Oustanding Attorney Distinction (Brander)... Ended the year with five talons (Ringelstetter, Tabrizi, Bilke, Schmidt); most ever in a single tournament to date... Scored the most tournament points in River Valley Mock Trial history with 700 points to date...