Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Chelsea Brander
Opening Attorney: Lydia Sujewicz
Transition Attorney: Ariana Ringelstetter
Closing Attorney: Angela Tabrizi

Janus Witness: Loralee Bilke
Janus Witness: Mariah Sujewicz
Plantiff Witness: Kelsi Yager
Defense Witness: Amanda Miller

Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Devin Hoeper
Alternate Attorney/Timekeeping: Alex Savage
Alternate Witness/Timekeeping: Brian Prem
Alternate Witness: Flow Lehmann

Janus Witness, Scrimmage: Colby Breyfogle
Janus Witness, Scrimmage: Shannon Breyfogle

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Lost the Championship by a single point at the La Crosse Regional... Six year record pushed to 21-3... Class of 2008 won two Regionals Championships and lost two others by a mere three total points... Ended the year with five talons (Tabrizi, Bilke, L. Sujewicz)...