Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Josiah Miller
Opening Attorney: Alex Savage
Closing Attorney: Lydia Sujewicz

Janus Witness: Mariah Sujewicz
Plaintiff Witness: Phylicia Cook
Plaintiff Witness: Kris Nelson
Defense Witness: Thomas Martensen
Defense Witness: Amanda Miller

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Attorney Coach: John Conlon
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Placed second at Madison Regional...
Seven-year record pushed to 24-4... Left Regional with two Outstanding Attorney/Witness Recognitions (L. Sujewicz, Martensen)... Ended the year with two talons (M. Sujewicz, Martensen)... The Sujewicz sisters become the first sibling pair to earn talons in RV Mock Trial history...