2011 Team
Team Roster

Opening/Closing Attorney: Kira McGrigg
Opening Attorney: Kris Nelson
Transition Attorney: Ingie Osman
Transition Attorney: Amberlyn Higgins
Closing Attorney: Madeline Ehlinger

Janus Witness: Danielle Rott
Janus Witness: Katya Frank
Plaintiff Witness: Kristen Hemmersbach
Defense Witness: Madeline Miller

Timekeeping: Kaia Palm-Leis
Timekeeping: Haley Cromie-Stettler
Timekeeping: Kyla Krizan

Attorney Coach: Ted Frank
Attorney Coach: John Conlon
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Lost in the Championship Round at Madison Regional... Ten-year record pushed to 33-7... Left Regional with one Outstanding Witness Recognition (D. Rott)... Ended the year with a record eight talons from seven team members (K. McGrigg, K. Nelson, A. Higgins, M. Ehlinger, D. Rott, K. Frank, M. Miller)...