Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Kira McGrigg
Opening Attorney: Ingie Osman
Closing Attorney: Madeline Ehlinger

Janus Witness: Madeline Miller
Plaintiff Witness: Kristen Hemmersbach
Plaintiff Witness: Haley Cromie-Stettler
Defense Witness: Allison Anding
Defense Witness: Abigail Korenchan

Timekeeping: Casandra Klubertanz

Reserve Attorney: Allison Gibson
Reserve Attorney: Nathaniel Tankel
Reserve Attorney: Nicole Flint
Reserve Witness: Chelsea Gruber
Reserve Witness: Meredith Anding
Reserve Witness: Reilly Klippel
Reserve Witness: Cade Unbehaun

Attorney Coach: John Conlon
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Won the Wildcard Championship at the Madison Regional... Twelve-year record pushed to 39-9... Left Regional with two Outstanding Attorney Recognitions (M. Ehlinger, K. McGrigg) and one Outstanding Witness Recognition (A. Anding)... Ended the year with a record thirty-one talons from seven team members (M. Ehlinger, K. McGrigg, M. Miller, A. Anding, I. Osman, A. Korenchan, and K. Hemmersbach)... Ranked 9th in Wisconsin at the end of the year...