Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Meredith Anding
Opening Attorney: Allison Gibson
Closing Attorney: Abigail Korenchan

Janus Witness: Allison Anding
Prosecution Witness: Nicole Flint
Prosecution Witness: Reilly Klippel
Defense Witness: Haley Cromie-Stettler
Defense Witness: Morgan Mack
Defense Witness: Chelsea Gruber

Timekeeping: Nathaniel Tankel
Timekeeping: Amelia Bahr

Reserve Attorney: Maya Jensen
Reserve Attorney: Chris Kardatzke
Reserve Attorney: James Kardatzke
Reserve Witness: Tammrin Richard
Reserve Witness: Lauren Knutson
Reserve Witness: Cyrene Brosoto
Reserve Witness: Casey Mack
Reserve Witness: Adam Passant

Attorney Coach: John Conlon
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Undefeated at the La Crosse Regional, earning the Championship in a fifth geographic region... Thirteen-year record pushed to 43-9... Placed 5th in the Bulldog National Invitational at Yale University... Placed one Outstanding Attorney Distinction (Gibson) and two Outstanding Witness Distinctions (Flint, Cromie-Stettler) at Yale... Ended the year with a record thirty-four talons from eight team members (H. Cromie-Stettler, A. Korenchan, A. Gibson, A. Anding, M. Anding, R. Klippel, N. Flint, M. Mack)... Ranked 6th in Wisconsin at the end of the year...