Team Roster

Opening Attorney: Maya Jensen
Opening Attorney: Chris Kardatzke
Closing Attorney: Reilly Klippel
Closing Attorney: James Kardatzke

Janus Witness: Morgan Mack
Janus Witness: Lauren Knutson
Prosecution Witness: Simon Ehlinger
Defense Witness: Adam Passant

Timekeeping: Casey Mack

Reserve Attorney: Taryn Hanson
Reserve Attorney: Lydia Jensen
Reserve Witness: Khaliun Altanpurev
Reserve Witness: Haley Schenk
Reserve Witness: Collin Zander

Attorney Coach: John Conlon
Teacher Coach: Jason Hollenberger

Honors and Accolades: Undefeated at the Janesville Regional, earning the Championship in a sixth geographic region... Fifteen-year record pushed to 50-10... Placed 4th (Honorable Mention) in the Bulldog National Invitational at Yale University... Placed three perfect scores (Knutson, M. Jensen) at Yale... Judges personally recognized four members... (Ehlinger, Klippel, Knutson, M. Mack)... Ended the year with thirty talons from seven team members (Ehlinger, M. Jensen, C. Kardatzke, J. Kardatzke, Klippel, Knutson, M. Mack)... Ranked 16th in Wisconsin at the end of the year...