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Starting this coming Monday, February 13, 2017, we will be utilizing a new bell schedule (below) to compensate for minutes as a result of our weather delays and cancellations. For the remainder of the school year, this will be the high school’s REGULAR SCHEDULE. This will not be a significant difference for our students. Our school day will now start at 8:00 AMinstead of the original 8:05 AM, and our school day will end at 3:22 instead of the original 3:19.  Our last school bus arrives at 7:50 AM, and our buses will extend their departure out to around 3:30, so it will not affect our busing system as we move forward.  


We feel that this adjustment is less intrusive to students and families than adding a school day to our school calendar. We know that this change at this stage of the school year is not optimal, and we truly appreciate your flexibility.



Darby Blakley



1st 8:00-8:44
2nd 8:48-9:32
3rd 9:36-10:20
Blackhawk 10:24-10:52
4th 10:56-11:40
5AL 11:40-12:10
5AC 11:44-12:28
5BC 12:14-12:58
5BL 12:28-12:58
6th 1:02-1:46
7th 1:50-2:34
8th 2:38-3:22


Darby Blakley, Principal
Luke Thatcher, Administrative Building Coordinator
Address:  660 Varsity Blvd, Spring Green, WI 53588
Telephone Number:  608-588-2554
Fax Number:  608-588-2827



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