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Tier 1 - Universal Curriculum

Intervention Protocol

Step 1: Determine the need for a student intervention plan

  • Identify academic or behavior skill deficit
    • Academic/Behavior Concern:  Fill out Academic Behavior Checklist
    • Reading Concern:  Review standardized and classroom assessments
    • Mathematics Concern:  Review standardized and classroom assessments
  • Identify social or emotional concern here.

Step 2:  Develop a student intervention plan (Begin Student Intervention Plan form)

  • Prioritize are of concern/skill deficit and select 1-2 strategies.


Step 3: Implement & Monitor Student Intervention Plan

Step 4: Review progress and determine success of the intervention. Summarize results on summary portion of Student Intervention Plan form.

  • Continue intervention until the intervention is no longer needed or a new intervention needs to be put in place.
  • Intervention did not work. Complete a second intervention or (after 2 failed interventions) refer to BIT team.

Step 5: Referral to Building Intervention Team  

  • If there is little success in the skill deficit after no less than 2 interventions (minimum of 8 weeks of interventions), submit a referral (using the link below) to the BIT Team.

BIT Referral Form  


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